Tuesday, August 31, 2010

September blogcandy/ giveaway

I'm back with more giveaways. Lately I've been spending some time looking for lots of candy and look what I found for you!

I've also been contacted by the givaway scout if I'd like my blog to be on their list. What they do is they search the internet for giveaways and present them to you, both on the web and by newsletter if you'd prefer that. They have different categories you can look through and the site is updated once daily. You get it all served on a silverplatter. Great, huh? So if you want to get more (or different) candies make sure to visit their site. I've also placed their widget on my sidebar so you will find it easily. I'm off checking it out.

Diny - early september

Amy 2:nd

Bev 2:nd

Fuzzy wuzzy - new challenge blog starting september 3:rd. Candy ends 2:nd

Karen midnight 3:rd

Leanne 4:th

Maria Therese 4:th

Susie 4:th

Debs 6:th

Mary Lou 8:th

Val 8:th

Cheryl 10:th

Purplicious 11:th

Sylvia 11:th

Dawn 12:th

Diana 13:th

Lisa 13:th

Lori 14:th

Susie 14:th

Lindsey 16:th

Debs 17:th.

Squirrel 17:th

Claire 18:th

Trisha 18:th

Bonnie 19:th

Cor 25:th

Corrie 26:th

(PS If you have found any other craftcandy that's not on the list, please let me know, by e-mail or by commenting under this post. Thank you.

All you have to do now is click the names and you will be taken directly to that person's candypost. Enjoy!)

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